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About Us

Celebrating 60 Years of a Tradition in Excellence

Burke Electric LLC was established in 1958 as a local commercial/industrial electrical contractor. Since then, Burke Electric LLC has developed into an award-winning family owned small business with a wide range of expertise spanning small commercial projects to highly complex industrial construction.

Hydroelectric Power

Industrial Construction

Wastewater Treatment & Public Works

Fish Habitat & Flood Control

Co-Generation Powerplants

Medium and High Voltage Resources


Data and Voice Communications


High Voltage Transmission

Cable Depreciation

With the combined experience of bidding, scheduling, management and complex labor and skills, our Project Managers and Electricians have completed projects at over 50 different hydroelectric facilities spanning the United States including Bonneville, Chief Joseph Dam, Grand Coulee Dam, and McNary Dam.

Burke has also collaborated onĀ innumerous contracts with King County Wastewater Treatment Division, Puget Sound Energy, Microsoft and The Boeing Company.

With over 100 years of combined experience in government awarded contracts serving as a Prime Contractor overseeing numerous subcontractors, and as a subcontractor, Burke’s In-house support includes over 20 years of experience in scheduling using Primavera SureTrack. Additionally, Burke’s certified Electricians possess over 30 to 40 years of experience with an extensive range of specialized skills including excitation systems, switchgear and motor control assemblies, transformer replacement or transformer installations and ISO phase and non-segregated bus projects.