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Project Experience

King County Department of Natural Resources, Parks & Wastewater Treatment

Burke has completed a multitude of projects for King County Wastewater Treatment Division, Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light, Microsoft and The Boeing Company. These projects range in complexity and contract value from $150,000 for pump station upgrades, to rehabilitation and construction at the Snoqualmie Falls Redevelopment Project; a sub-contract awarded to Burke Electric LLC worth $17,200,000.

Burke has worked closely with King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks for years, completing various large public works projects including most recently:

  • Barton Street Pump Station upgrade,2015
  • South Treatment Plant Raw Sewage Pumps and Drives Replacement Project, 2017.
  • South Treatment Plant Variable Speed Drives & Pumps Upgrade Project, 2018.
  • West Point Treatment Plant Emergency Work, 2018

Burke is currently working on several other contracts for King County including the Elliot West Pump Station Sampling Project conducting sampling instrument relocations and the Force Main Upgrades at the Sunset and Heathfield Pump Stations in Bellevue, WA.

Barton Street Pump Station Upgrade

Completed 2015

The general summary of this project was to replace outdated electrical equipment, pumps, and associated equipment. Increase capacity from 22 million gallons per day (mgd) to 33 mgd. Upgrade heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and construct a new underground vault to house a new backup generator system and a new odor control system. Construct a new underground valve room and installed new valves for the two 24-inch force mains that were installed as part of a 2006 emergency repair project. Burke Electric was subcontractor to Prospect Construction on this project and was responsible for the furnishing and installation of the following: Automatic Transfer Switches, Dry Type Transformers, Fire Alarm System, Leak Detection System, Lighting, Load Bank Receptacle Panel, Motor Control Centers, Panelboards, all raceway, boxes and supports, Medium Voltage Switchgear, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, and Variable Frequency Drives.


South Treatment Plant Raw Sewage Pumps and Drives Replacement Project

Completed 2017

The purpose of this project was to upgrade three of the six raw sewage pumps; replace the clutches with VFD’s; upgrade the building HVAC system, remove and replace Mediumd and Low Voltage switchgear 137*036 which provides power to the Administration, Maintenance and Influent buildings; replace wiring and cable; add control instrumentation as shown on the drawings. The pumps being replaced were Pump 1, 4 & 6 with their respective drives. The new pumps remained the same sizes 36X36 and capable of flows of 80mgd; 48X48 capable of 110MGD and 30X30 capable of 60mgd. Pumps reused the existing piers with modifications as shown on the drawings. Burke was responsible for providing temporary switchgear capable of operating the Administration Building, the Maintenance building and Influent pumps 2, 3, 4, and 5. Temporary Switchgear was turned over to King County in working condition at the end of construction. Burke was also responsible for the testing and commissioning for all new equipment


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Snoqualmie Falls Rehabilitation Project

Rehabilitation of Two 100-year-old Powerhouses

In April 2010, a Puget Sound Energy began a US$200 million project to rehabilitate and upgrade the power plant.[13] The project included retrofitting the first four of the generators in Plant 1 and replacing the fifth. A turbine-generator would be replaced in Plant 2 as well. The weir was lowered to 16 ft (4.9 m) in height, lengthened by 37 ft (11 m) and the water-intake structure was replaced. Lowering the weir will help reduce flood waters upstream of the falls. The penstocks, which feed the power plants with water, were to be upgraded as well. Finally, automatic shut-off and bypass valves were installed for Plant 2. The shut-off valves will better prepare the plant for emergencies and the bypass valves will allow water to flow downstream in the case that Plant 2 is offline. To promote tourism, recreation and culture, several upgrades to include new visitor centers, hiking trails, a boardwalk and improved landscaping were implemented.[14] Renovations on Plant 2 were completed in April 2013. The new 6.5 MW Francis turbine generator in Plant 1 and the entire project was finished in mid-2014.[4][7] The project raised the installed capacity of the power plant from 44.4 MW to 53.9 MW.[15] Burke Electric was the electrical contractor on this project with scope consisting of the following:

•Temporary power, detail, furnish and install all Electrical equipment, Fire protection and detection, cable tray, cables and wiring, motors and starters, electrical isolation and safety switches, cabinets, junction boxes, terminal blocks and test switches, install programmable equipment including 480VAC MCC, VFDs and hoist equipment in the powerhouses and Gatehouse.
•Complete grounding system for powerhouse, intake structures and transformer yards.
•Furnish, install and commission (2) 5kV class metal-clad switchgear lineups, (3) 15kV class metal-clad switchgear lineups, One generator neutral grounding cabinet and (4) 5kV generator phase cabinets.
•Furnish, install and commission (4) pad-mount, oil filled station service transformers as well as dry type transformers for lighting and controls.
•Furnish, install and commission panel boards, station batteries and chargers as well as UPS system with inverters.
•Furnish, install and commission (2) 250kV liquefied petroleum gas fueled emergency standby generators with (2) generator starting systems comprising batteries and chargers, and (2) fixed load banks
•Furnish, install and commission (8) transfer switches

Learn More about this Project in the short video provided by Puget Sound Energy in the link below

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Chief Joseph Dam




Over the years, Burke has completed numerous contracts with the United States Army Corps of Engineers including several at Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport, WA. Below are two notable contracts

480 Volt Distribution Substation Replacement

Completed 2014

As a prime contractor, Burke was contracted to remove existing SQ0 and CQ03 480-volt substation, as well as the furnishing, installation, and testing of a new CQ03.1 and CQ03.2 480-volt substation. Work includes conduit, cable tray, wiring, disconnects, transformers, switchboards, enclosures, annunciator panel and core drilling for conduit access.


17-27 Exciter Replacement

Completed 2014

As a prime contractor, Burke Electric completed this project for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. This contract included furnishing and installation of conduit and wire, removing existing exciters and PPT’s(11 Each) and existing cables. Burke then installed ABB furnished Exciters and PPT’s (11 Each) as well as cut concrete to make room for installation of new Pre-Cast terra


zzo tile which was subcontracted out by Burke. Installation of ABB furnished dc bus to tie into the existing DC bus at generator housing terminal cabinet per drawings. Testing of all installed cables as well as assist with commissioning and start up. Furnishing and installing new control switches, meters, and indicating lights. Testing and disposing of hazardous waste, removing existing fuses and holders in the 15kV gear and furnishing and installing new 15kV fuse holders and fuses in the gear.


Chief Joseph Dam – Bridgeport, WA (USACE)