Chief Joseph Dam

Over the years, Burke has completed in numerous contracts with the United States Army Corps of Engineers including several at Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport, WA. Below are two notable contracts

480 Volt Distribution Substation Replacement

Completed 2014

As a prime contractor, Burke was contracted to remove existing SQ0 and CQ03 480-volt substation, as well as the furnishing, installation, and testing of a new CQ03.1 and CQ03.2 480-volt substation. Work includes conduit, cable tray, wiring, disconnects, transformers, switchboards, enclosures, annunciator panel and core drilling for conduit access.


17-27 Exciter Replacement

Completed 2014

As a prime contractor, Burke Electric completed this project for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. This contract included furnishing and installation of conduit and wire, removing existing exciters and PPT’s(11 Each) and existing cables. Burke then installed ABB furnished Exciters and PPT’s (11 Each) as well as cut concrete to make room for installation of new Pre-Cast terrazzo tile which was subcontracted out by Burke. Installation of ABB furnished dc bus to tie into the existing DC bus at generator housing terminal cabinet per drawings. Testing of all installed cables as well as assist with commissioning and start up. Furnishing and installing new control switches, meters, and indicating lights. Testing and disposing of hazardous waste, removing existing fuses and holders in the 15kV gear and furnishing and installing new 15kV fuse holders and fuses in the gear.


Chief Joseph Dam – Bridgeport, WA (USACE)