King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Wastewater Treatment Division

Burke has worked closely with King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks for years, completing several large public works projects including most recently, the Barton Street Pump Station upgrade in 2015 and the South Treatment Plant Raw Sewage Pumps and Drives Replacement Project in 2017.

Burke is currently working on several other contracts  for King County including one at South Treatment Plant, upgrading the Variable Frequency Drives for the peaking and duty pumps, one at Elliot West Pump Station conducting sampling instrument relocations, and is scheduled to being work on Force Main Upgrades at the Sunset and Heathfield Pump Stations in Bellevue, WA in the coming year.

Barton Street Pump Station Upgrade

Completed 2015

The general summary of this project was to replace outdated electrical equipment, pumps, and associated equipment. Increase capacity from 22 million gallons per day (mgd) to 33 mgd. Upgrade heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and construct a new underground vault to house a new backup generator system and a new odor control system. Construct a new underground valve room and installed new valves for the two 24-inch force mains that were installed as part of a 2006 emergency repair project. Burke Electric was subcontractor to Prospect Construction on this project and was responsible for the furnishing and installation of the following: Automatic Transfer Switches, Dry Type Transformers, Fire Alarm System, Leak Detection System, Lighting, Load Bank Receptacle Panel, Motor Control Centers, Panelboards, all raceway, boxes and supports, Medium Voltage Switchgear, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, and Variable Frequency Drives.


South Treatment Plant Raw Sewage Pumps and Drives Replacement Project

Completed 2017

The purpose of this project was to upgrade three of the six raw sewage pumps; replace the clutches with VFD’s; upgrade the building HVAC system, remove and replace Mediumd and Low Voltage switchgear 137*036 which provides power to the Administration, Maintenance and Influent buildings; replace wiring and cable; add control instrumentation as shown on the drawings. The pumps being replaced were Pump 1, 4 & 6 with their respective drives. The new pumps remained the same sizes 36X36 and capable of flows of 80mgd; 48X48 capable of 110MGD and 30X30 capable of 60mgd. Pumps reused the existing piers with modifications as shown on the drawings. Burke was responsible for providing temporary switchgear capable of operating the Administration Building, the Maintenance building and Influent pumps 2, 3, 4, and 5. Temporary Switchgear was turned over to King County in working condition at the end of construction. Burke was also responsible for the testing and commissioning for all new equipment


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